Comic Bookstore Cumulus

The bookstore Cumulus in the rue des Etuves has been welcoming you since 1976. Back then, Christine Wagnière, a comic book fan, was very young and ready to conquer the world searching for treasures from Paris to Brussels. She brought back comic books, supported local young artists like Tirabosco and Wazem, found some rare gems, started collecting books on Mickey Mouse and shared the world of comics in all kinds of different forms.
After roughly 30 years, still in charge, the cartoonist felt seriously ill and called Leticia Ramos to come and help her. In 2015, Christine went to heaven and the comic bookstore had to close down. However, Leticia couldn’t let go of a unique place like this in Geneva: a place where people and culture met, in the heart of our city, in this street which kept evolving towards something far too commercial. Thanks to the generous financial support of Agnès Balavoine, a faithful client, and the support of Daniel Pellegrino from the Atrabile Editions, the comic bookstore became what Christine had always wished for: the Cumulus forever association.
Supported by many friends  – among them local designers such as Tirabosco and the Swiss Designers Association (SCAA) – Leticia re-opened the bookstore in October 2015 and created a 3-day event: Frederik Peeters drew a Cumulus monkey for the occasion that Christian Humbert Droz – Drozophile Editions – printed on t-shirts in the back shop, book signings took place as well as concerts, tapas were served, etc.
Today, the new Cumulus team wishes to perpetuate Christine’s legacy: to offer a a heterogeneous choice for readers so that everyone can find a comic book that she/he would like: collectors, local authors but also American, Belgian, French, Spanish, South American, Polish, Japanese authors … You may also find an area for children and an erotic section as well as Batman, Derf Backberf, Tintin, Baladi, Bilal or Wazem waiting for you on the shelves of the rue des Etuves.
Leticia organises events once or twice a month, as well as book signings with authors such as Peggy Adam, selected for the Tœpffer prize of the City of Geneva.
The next book signing is scheduled for November 24th from 6 to 9pm with Oscar Baillif who published a comic book at Ripopée editions.
A few committed volunteers are also helping such as Hanni – an illustrator I met during the interview – and the bookstore will celebrate Christine’s 40th birthday in December. Various events are scheduled such as a cocktail with a couple of special guests. You will be able to acquire a compilation of old collector posters from the 70s and the 80s, photographed and printed in series of 9 postcards by B.ü.L.b grafix.
Between two trips to Cumulus, if you are a fan of the 9th art, head to the Commun du Bâtiment d’Art Contemporain, from November 9th until January the 29th and discover the exhibition BANG aka the evolution of the comic book in Geneva during the last 30 years.

Photographies Nathalie Mastail-Hirosawa alias Thenmh
Rue des Etuves 5, 1201 Geneva
Mon 11am-7pm; Tue to Fri 10am-7pm; Sat 10am-5.30pm


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