Geneva family guide

A bilingual (fr / en) kids-friendly guide to (re) discover Geneva and its region: a selection of ideas to go out, shop and eat, specially designed for families!

What’s the weather like? What to do with children on weekends? What activities are suitable for families in Geneva and surroundings? Do you think you know it all?

“Geneva en famille” is a bilingual guide that suggests more than 200 places to visit, museums, activities, shops, restaurants in Geneva and not far away. You won’t get bored anymore!

In addition, six super parents from different neighbourhoods and backgrounds (Julien de Preux, Laurent Berthelot, Magali Bican, Guillaume Megevand, Nouhad Monpays and Stephanie Vidonne) share a family day in Geneva with you. Plenty of ideas for weekends and holidays!

Thanks to a crowdfunding via the WeMakeIt platform, I was able to finance this project. 122 contributors helped me collect 111% of the amount requested and therefore, I was able to finance the illustration, the proofreading and the printing of the guide.

Price: CHF 20
Published August 20th 2018
136 pages
400 prints
Illustrations: Juliette Haenni
Selling points: Geneva bookstores (Au Chien Bleu, La Librerit, Payot Rive Gauche, La Librairie de l’Ile et Des Livres et vous), Geneva boutiques (Hygge Shop, Cuppin’s) and via internet (link below).

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