Antichambre pop-up restaurant

Welcome to the pop-up restaurant Antichambre in Geneva, a unique opportunity to experience a stunning culinary experience for a happy-few. Only 12 rendez-vous are scheduled until the end of the year. The location of each event is revealed at the last moment, only to people who have booked a table. Each event takes place in a mysterious yet splendid location and introduces a chef and an architect.
The very first edition of the Antichambre took place in a genevois mansion re-designed by the architect Yuri Kravchenko. Ximena Saenz who was born in Buenos Aires was the chef in charge and made us discover all the delights of the Argentine cuisine. Next to her stood Olivia Hairay who is a cocktail alchemist.
For the coming edition, Rubén Escudero, a young Spanish talented chef who started his career in one of the best 10 restaurants in the world will tell you his story through an exception dinner.

Feel tempted? Book online and DO NOT REPEAT IT to anyone 🙂

From Wednesday, November 30th until Saturday, December 3rd
From Wednesday, December 7th until the Saturday the 10th
From Wednesday, December 14th until the 17th
Price of the menu (4 dishes): 90.- per person (excluding drinks)
The bar opens at 6.30pm
Dinner is served @ 8.30pm

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