Geneva seen from above

In every city, there are places we wish to jealously keep as a secret. But how convenient is it to keep a secret that belongs to everyone? I give up… In Geneva, my secret place is the Jonction viaduct.

The viaduct links the district of Saint-Jean to the woods of Bâtie. It’s a sublime mezzanine of stones, between the sky and the earth which span the crossing of the muddy Arve and the dashing Rhône. A moving painting like an impressionist painting, a work of art from Monet who tried so hard to fix on a canvas a mayfly moment. Far away, the Bâtiment des Forces Motrices, the Jet d’Eau, the Saint-Pierre cathedral and the Salève. In a blink of an eye you can capture a beautiful panoramic view of Geneva and its surroundings. There is a timeless feeling that gets to you when you see things from above, something that holds you back.

Then, it’s time for some distraction. A few meters below, a ballet of revelry on the banks of the Rhône. Deckchairs, splashes and laughter between cotton towels and swimming-suits made of nylon. A book in your bag or a bunch of happy friends, no matter what you choose, it’s finally summer so let’s not miss a beat.

PS: the best time to go to the Jonction viaduct is at dawn or sunset. But shish! This is a secret…

Photography © Julien Herger
Chemin William-Lescaze 29, 1203 Genève

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