Little Barrel

Little Barrel is the story of two famous bartenders of Geneva. And if you haven’t met them yet, here’s a unique occasion to get to know them better. May I introduce you to Quentin who comes from the Apothicaire Cocktail Club and Nicolas from the Chat Noir. Together, they decided to open a bar dedicated to the glory of rum in a colonial atmosphere. Joined by Nathanael and Guillaume (who both also worked at the Chat Noir), the cocktail menu is not only creative but also gigantic! Let me give you only two examples: the vintage Milky Punch because this cocktail was created in the 19th century and the Little Barrel has decided to make it contemporary with a yogurt liqueur, a Tonka sirup and a spice of vanilla and nd the Indian Road with curry and mango.

As you can understand it, the star here (beside Quentin and his buddies of course) is the rum, which was Hemingway’s favorite drink for the record. You will be able to taste more than 50 different rums from Japan (Ryoma) to Australia, through Thailand (Chalong) to the Caribbean islands. Every bottle is available for sale so you can take a Little Barrel back home anytime you want.
Rest assured, those who dont’ fancy rum will be served as well, with tapas to satisfy your appetite.
Opening on October 13th and welcoming everyone!

Photography © Nicolas Villion
Rue du Lac 15, 1207 Geneva
Tue to Thu 5pm-1am; Fri & Sat 5pm-2am;

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