Village du Soir

To all the party animals of Geneva and other Unidentified night birds!
It all started a week ago on social networks, when a picture of an UFO over the sky of the district of La Praille was posted. A few speculations, tweets and reposts later, the flying object was identified as belonging to the Evening Village (i.e. Village du Soir in French), a 2000m2 party space which is about to open on October 22nd.
It then continued on Swiss TV where two aliens (or if you prefer two founders of the Village du Soir dressed up as aliens) confirmed that the UFO was just a clever montage to draw the attention of the genevois. An idea to buzz around.
That’s for the little story, let us then introduce you to the Big idea: the Evening Village which will launched this weekend.

The Evening Village = 2 buildings + 1 space + 3 terraces + 1 deli converted into a musical bar + 1 garage converted into a night club + 1 distillery for people over 28 years old + 8 bars + 1 Fiat 500 hanging on the roof + 1 industrial decor + 3 stages + 1 Big watch + 1 parking lot with 1’000 parking spaces + 2 food-trucks + 150m of graffitis. The Evening Village is located in an industrial warehouse in La Praille which will be demolished in 2022.
Every month, 4 different local bars will be temporary invited in the Evening Village so you can taste their specialities.

Meet us for a pre-opening on October 21st from 11pm: Bunker Techno W/ Kaiserdisco party until 5am. And let’s party again the day after during the Big opening called 90s & All Style from 8pm onwards.

Route des Jeunes 24, 1227 Carouge
Free entrance before 11pm
Thu 6pm-3am, Fri 9.30pm-4am, Sat 9.30pm-5am 
Thu 8pm-2am, Fri & Sat 9.30pm-5am 
Fri 8pm-4am, Sat 8pm-5am

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