George Theodorakis Salvaridis is the 3rd generation of his family, originally from the Black Sea. His ancestors moved to the United States in the hope of finding gold there. After several years of fruitless research, George finally decides that eating well is more important than gold. In 2011, he opened his very first George’s Famous Gyros & Pasta.


George’s Famous Gyros

George’s Gyros recipe is true to tradition. What is paramount, he says, is the quality of the meat and the freshness of the salad. Wrapped in a homemade pita, a single Gyros is enough to satisfy your hunger. The bestseller is called Picado and it is BIG. Served with corn fritters, special mention for the honey sauce (Greek honey, of course).

At George’s, the word diet does not exist.


Chicken Faliro

George’s Yaya (grandmother) lived in the Faliro district of Athens. His grandson wanted to pay homage to him by preparing the (always famous) chicken of Faliro: chicken breast with artichokes and capers in olive oil and lemon sauce. Served over pasta or rice with a Greek salad and garlic bread.

When the bill comes, still nothing to complain about. George is popular and very funny. Self-mockery is really his thing.