GIFF Sleepless Nights

Each time I attend the press conference of the Geneva International Film Festival, my agenda literally gets out of control. Years after years… The Sleepless Nights, which are part of the Festival’s DNA, are among my favourite events. I’ve never been a purist of any kind. I like to mix, melt into, put together different types of art and that’s precisely what these events successfully do. Among the 5 2017 Sleepless Nights, let me share my Big crushes:

Nuit Blanche La Rumeur 
Meet me on Friday, November 10th @ 9pm at Pitoëff to watch the Swiss Premiere Les Derniers Parisiens directed by Hamé & Ekoué. Both of them are part of the French hip-hop band La Rumeur. Out on parole, Nas returns to his neighborhood, Pigalle, where he gets together again with his friends and his older brother, Arezki, who runs a bar, Le Prestige. Nas is determined to make a name for himself and Le Prestige might just offer him a good springboard… The movie will be followed by a soul and hip-hop DJ set by Soul G.

Nuit Blackmail – Cinemix by Chloé
Back in 2014 if I remember correctly, the LuLúxpo introduced me to Chloé and I had the chance to interview her. So don’t count on me to be objective here. The artist Chloé represents the French wave and will play a live Dj set while Hitchcock’s Blackmail movie will be screened on November the 9th @ 9pm @ Pitoëff. The movie has just been restored so this is a pretty Big thing if you ask me.

Full price: 16CHF (for one Sleepless Night)
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