Glen Hansard

A song is like a saddle: you ride it for a while and if it’s the right kind of song you can sing it for the rest of your life“.
Two months ago, I mentioned this artist in an article published in MyBigGeneva. Two weeks ago, Emilie wrote down this magnificent quote on a piece of paper which she handed to me. Two days ago, she informed me that Glen Hansard was coming to Switzerland for a unique concert.

I could spend hours talking to you about Glen Hansard especially during a snowy night, cuddled in front of a fireplace without being weary or repeating myself. I fell in love with the music of this artist a long time ago, while I was travelling in Ireland where the rain would soak my skin: but the warmth of his music would soothe any person’s heavy heart.

At the age of 13, Glen left his schoolboy bag under the bed and took his guitar to play on Grafton Street. At the time, a music director urged him to follow his blazing passion for music. For 5 years, the streets taught him the life of a musician and allowed him to understand how sound could be projected. The streets forged his character, shaped his music game and honed his voice. The streets also taught him to think of the present, to be patient, to impose himself some times and to be more discreet at other times. He learned how to make a living and to be content with very little.

He then formed the band “The Frames” where he became the frontman before becoming an actor in the movie “The Commitments”. He was also the main actor of an independent movie called “Once” which was produced with a ridiculously small budget. Once the movie was released in January 2006 in Dublin, the success of it took him by surprise: In the movie he played the role of a street musicien in other words, his life, more or less.

30 years later, with a Big name and an Oscar, Glen Hansard will still say: “we are never more than one step away from being back on the street”.

Last September, he released his latest (and second) solo album called “Didnt’ He Ramble” where one can witness the maturity of this Irish bohemian singer. His songs sing of a poignant truth with such energy and will. His music is authentic and breaks through your skin, crosses your bones to touch the most sensitive parts of your body.

Glen is the kind of musician that you must see perform live so follow my lead, take a day off from work and take a friend by the hand and catch the early train to Luzerne.

Markéta Irglova who starred next to Glen in the movie “Once” and in the band “The Swell Season” will begin the evening in the magnificent hall of KKL.

Saturday, February 23rd at 8pm
KKL Luzernersaal, Europaplatz 1, 6005 Luzerne
Price: 62.-
Book online

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