Golf Club Ca'Amata, archives My Big Geneva

The patron of the golf club Ca’ Amata and the Villa Emo was Leonardo Emo and remained in the hands of the Emo family until it was sold in 2004.


Golf in a romantic 18th-century setting

The course is set within the park surrounding the Villa Ca ‘Amata, one of the finest examples of 18th-century Venetian architecture, restored by professor Immo Red. Particular care has been taken in the choice of vegetation and plants complementing the villa. Due to the great amount of water available, a lake and canal system was created that highlights eleven of the eighteen playing holes.

These lakes and canals incorporate beautiful landscaping elements such as low walls, small bridges, and cascades typical of the loveliest and most romantic parks, which create absolutely spectacular surroundings.


The Club House

The elegant clubhouse is situated in an old farmhouse by the side of the Villa Rizzetti Ca’ Amata, a stunning Venetian villa dating back to 1711. The restaurant is open every day for members and guests who wish to try delicious dishes from the traditional Veneto cuisine.


The Villa Emo

The Villa Emo is a patrician villa conserved as part of the World Heritage Site City of Vincenza and the Palladian Villas of the Veneto, designed by Andrea Palladio. Inside the villa, one can admire the frescoes of Giovanni Battista Zelotti that pay tribute to Venus, the goddess of love.

It is said that the layout of the villa represents the Roman roads.


The movie Ripley’s Game took place in this property where John Malkovich played Ripley, an anti-hero, in 2002.