Geneva never ceases to surprise us with these trendy places that open all over the city. My last discovery: Granola, located near Terrassière opposite the famous Luigia pizzeria.
The place opens at 8am and offers as its name suggests various bowls of homemade granola. The farm boy (yogurt, homemade granola, seasonal berries, pollen, goji berries, honey) is a real treat. Açai Bowl (iced açai puree, homemade granola, banana, coconut flakes) is exquisite but cold. In fact, the açai comes straight out of the freezer to be mixed. As a result, the bowl that you order is frozen. It is perfect during the summer heat but may be avoided in winter. Meanwhile, the Chia tella (almond milk, chia seeds, banana, coconut flakes, nutella drizzle) is more gourmet.

You will also find the famous Avocado toast, which you can order at every trendy place. Despite its popularity, I really advise you to test it at Granola. Why? First of all for its beauty. Indeed, when the plate arrives, the avocado is so well cut and beautifully placed that you don’t feel like touching it. You’d rather contemplate it with your eyes. Secondly, an Avocado toast is super delicious. The avocado melts in the mouth while a hint of lemon brings a little acidity, just enough. The sea salt spreads delicately, while the seeds of omega 3 and chilly flakes crisp under you tooth. This toast is just as perfect as the rest of the plate.

As for drinks, Granola offers a selection of coffee (Espresso, Latte, Cappuccino etc.) with vegan milk or not, but also Specialty Drinks such as Matcha Latte, Rose Latte or Activated charcoal latte. You can also order a selection of 100% organic juice pressed on site or a Smoothy.

For the lunch break, Granola suggests different fresh, healthy and good bowls, just like during breakfast. Last time, I tested the Poké Bowl (Salmon gravelax, quinoa, avocado, sour onions and omega 3 seeds, Asian marinade). It was to die for.

But the reason why I keep coming back to Granola is the bright room, an atmosphere that allows you to talk to one another or read a book, the smiling and adorable staff.

I am sure you’ve all understood: this place has been tested and approved big time by Le Petit Chou!

Photography © Le Petit Chou
Rue Adrian Lachenal 15, 1207 Geneva
Mon to Fri 8am-4pm, Sat 10am-2pm