Grégoire Jewelry Shop

Let’s start by putting things in Big perspective: Sonia has studied Decorative Arts while Gregoire began his career as an apprentice at Chopard and Pascal at Patek Philippe. Once they obtained their CFC diploma in 2000, Sonia started designing jewellery for Piaget while Pascal and Gregoire started their own business. They werejoined 7 years later by Sonia who became a freelance designer for Swatch, LVMH and the Richmont group. In 2008, (to cut the story short as there is more to come) Gregoire-E moved to a brand new premise in the Old Town and the 3 genevois started working together: Sonia the designer + the expertise of Gregoire in jewelry + the setting of Pascal gave birth to a brand named Rivestheir first collection – Croisière – being a tribute to water-based recreation. The sailor knot gave birth to more than twenty different pieces (including the must-have “Rescue Me” piece of jewellery). Simply renamed “Gregoire” (without the “-E” at the end), the jewelry shop doesn’t fool around with precious metals: yellow, pink and red gold, white or champagne diamond, however you will certainly not be intimated as you would be in the rue du Rhône, for there is no red carpet at the entrance of the store; instead you will find timeless pieces of jewelry, a warm and smily welcome, and first prices start at 700.-. 
The trio have listened to their hearts in order to select their watch collections, hence an eclectic choice but only with good vibrations! March Lab & Junghans, the two independent watch-making brands not only rule over a kingdom but keep on growing. Junghans offers German classicism with a zest of Art Deco while March Lab takes us to the sixties with a touch of dandyism, designing watches to pay tribute to fast cars. Mechanical movements (manual or automatic) and quartz, the horological devices sellbetween 650.- and 1’945.-. Too good to be true? And yet…

Rue Etienne-Dumont 8, 1204 Genève
Tue to Fri 11am-6.30pm; Sat 11am-5.30pm

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