Looking for an alcohol free perfume? Go clean and green with Hermetica. Clara and John Molloy launched (in Geneva) a new range of perfumes that are not only clean, green and alcohol free BUT also moisture the skin.

I was walking around the Globus ground-floor, when a green, beautiful bottle of perfume attracted me. The name Hermetica refers to Corpus Hermeticum, a mystical work on alchemy that dates back to antiquity and is a new molecular fragrance brand producing alluring and long-lasting scents. It uses alcohol-free technology, which immediately reveals the heart of each perfume.

The company was founded by Clara and John Molloy in Geneva; Hermetica is now available at Harvey Nichols and Bloomingdales FYI.

So I couldn’t resist. And I can’t begin to explain how it feels after a few drops of Hermetica…

Available on the Globus e-shop (of course), click right here to order online!