Hotel Corte di Lequio

In the region of Alba, between the white truffles and the hazelnuts, lies the boutique hotel Corte di Lequio, at 700 meters altitude with a breathtaking view. This is the perfect spot to discover a beautiful region and eat delicious food.

Elena Paone is an interior designer; her husband, Andreas Rapin, worked in an advertising company and owned an art gallery. They both decided one to day to make their dream come true and open a little paradise. They found an old farm in 2006 which they completely demolished in order to use the old stones and other materials for their new home. It took them two years before they could welcome their first guests. Every corner of the property has a story to tell: the stones of the chimney inside the dining room come from the Duomo di Dogliani, a village nearby. A discreet luxurious Spa and a pool are available, mixing modernity to classicism. 7 rooms are available for the guests to sleep tight especially after a fabulous meal prepared by the owners.

During the Easter break, or a last minute week-end, during summer or the fall season, the Corte di Lequio is the kind of place where you can escape at any time and is located only 4 hours away from Geneva.

PS: thank you Thérèse for the fabulous week-end!

Via Langa 19, 12050 Lequio Berria
Annual closure: December to April
Price: from 225€ to 265€ for a double room with a (fabulous) breakfast

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