The Japanese multidisciplinary artist Takuya Komaba returns with a new EP, “IkizukuMORI”. Known for his ability to skillfully blend traditional Japanese sounds with modern influences, Komaba offers us an auditory experience.


Dear Mother is a strong piece of your last EP. Can you put a few words on this composition?



Thank you. Yes, this song is a tribute to my mother.

Is there a sound in this world that does not disappear?
Any magnificent sound will eventually become inaudible, as if it has gone into the distance.
A sound is born, disappears, and is born again when it is played.
If the sound did not disappear, the world would be filled with sound.
No matter how much you hit the keyboard, or how hard you hit it, or how long you keep hitting it, the sound will eventually disappear.
But my mother is listening. I am sure she is still listening by my side.


What did you want to achieve by releasing this last EP?




I hope to share the IkizukuMORI with many people through this EP.
IkizukuMORI has several meanings. It means, being a forest myself.
Living in the forest. Breathing the forest…

Spring buds, flowers blooming in the fields, the birds of the watch singing.
The summer sun, the cool forest breeze, the sound of fresh green leaves.
Autumn’s harvest, the autumn colors of the leaves, and the taste of the soil.
In the silence of winter, life revolves around the fire.

The light, the colors, the shapes, the smells, the sounds, the elements that speak to our consciousness.
I have been learning from and inspired by beautiful forest events for several years now.
Nature is my teacher and evokes primitive sensations.


Please complete the sentence ‘music is….’



What is music? If there are ten people there, there are ten sounds and their hearts.
That is certain, but it can only be very strange.
What is sound in the first place? Why are there sounds?
I don’t even know if I do want to know the answer to those questions.
What would happen if I did? For me, music is something unknown.
Maybe that’s all right.

Now, I just want to be like a bird flapping its wings, like a cherry blossom dancing, like a stream of water.
I want to be a forest and play.

Don’t hesitate to dive into “IkizukuMORI” and discover for yourself the magic of Takuya Komaba.
This EP is available on all streaming platforms, ready to transport you into the depths of an enchanting musical forest.


Visual © Takuya Komaba

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