Inside My Head

Describe a sound, transform it into something material, draw its curves, picture a sensual rhythm, welcome Inside My Head, LuLúxpo‘s coming exhibition. Named after their last single, seems like you’ll be able to touch, with your eyes only, a sensuous feeling.
The coldness of the plexiglass, glitters all around, crazy neons, fetish objects, leopard prints, the curve of an ankle, black and pink, yes indeed, but they never fall into the trap of vulgarity. Without intellectualising it or think it over and over again, love is, after all, a question of attraction. A body may seem common but when it is seen by the one who loves, my oh my, a pure delight. Translated first into the music, LuLúxpo’s desires are now materialise into works of art; something that calls out for our instincts. If you ever wonder what’s going on inside their head, now is your chance.

Don’t look for the moon at 2pm, I would even suggest “do not over think”: just let yourself go, embrace the rough feeling and admire the beauty. Only pure aesthete are welcomed to the opening, on September 18th, during the Nuit des Bains at Victor Art Contemporary gallery.

Rue des Bains 42, 1205 Geneva
Opening: Thursday, September 18th from 6pm
Closing: October 20th
Visual: 1869, photography, unique print, LuLúxpo, 2014

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