The digital avvisi of Jacques Attali

In his latest book published by Editions Fayard, Jacques Attali tells us the story of media, from smoke signals to social networks, and beyond. Ideal for a semi-confined Sunday.

In this foretold disaster of the existing media, the time has come to help any journalist create their own media. This is now perfectly possible, thanks to existing technologies, such as Substack (a platform created in 2018 by two journalists and a developer), and especially others who will come. “

And the avviso dates from the … 15th century when the College of the Sages (organ of the Republic of Venice created to limit the powers of the doge) used to transmit in a manuscript the news received from ambassadors, officers, and Venetians living abroad. The avvisi, episodic and manuscript, are in a way confidential reports. They are written by novellanti, the first specialist “journalists” who also write about what is happening between the Rialto Bridge and the Piazza San Marco, between barbers, merchants, shops, bookstores, and cafes.

In one of the last chapters about what is coming next, Jacques Attali is positive and optimistic; beyond his perfectly mastered writing, his latest book is an ideal companion that enlightens us on the future and make us think about the past. 

May I also suggest that you have a look at his latest blog post: “After Fake News, Fake Finance”.

PS: thank you Sir Le Breton for this gift.

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