Jolly Jungle

Jolly Jungle is one of my favorite accessories shop and the boutique recently moved from the Foound concept store to the rue de Carouge. A haven of greenery and creativeness located not far from the Saint-Honoré bakery. 

Decorated with exotic foliage as tapestry, the brand Jolly Jungle offers ethical and vegan accessories for us women. 

Nathalie and Thaïs are pilgrims of know-how and exoticism. Traveling is therefore like a second nature and on each pilgrimage, mother and daughter preciously bring back brands, projects and designers that share the same vision. Each accessory is certified: “cruelty free, vegan, ethical, fair trade, sustainable, made with love”. Clear, no?

Lapis Lazuli ring (69CHF), earrings created in the Jolly Jungle workshops in Thailand, tassel bracelet, recycled fabrics, hand embroidered bag and pouch made by an Indian fair trade manufacturer. The choice is vast and beautiful. Each piece is often unique. 

Some clothes will dress you, without ever resembling those of your neighbour: blouse and handmade embroidery, “Babrak” coat inspired by the remote tribes of Northern Thailand, antique Afghan patchwork ornament.

The world of Jolly Jungle is also an e-shop.

Photography © Emilie Salvaridis
Rue de Carouge 95, 1205 Geneva
Tue to Fri 10am-7pm; Sat 10am-6pm

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