Aigis Suites

This is the 4th episode of the series “Mykonos is not the only island in Greece” which I started in 2013. Opposite My Greek Villa (for rental) in the island of Kea (also called Tzia), the boutique hotel Aigis Suite is Lisa & Takis’ dream that came true. The view over the Vourkari bay is breathtaking.

This year, Aigis Suites celebrates its 10th anniversary; so last week-end, I jumped on a Swiss plane to reach Athens first. 3 hours later and a rise of temperature in this month of May, I drove 25 kilometres from the airport to the port of Lavrio to catch an old boat – solid as a rock – that would take me, within an hour and the cost of 10 euro, to the island of Kea. If Geneva is my adoptive city, Greece is my homeland. I need to go back at least once a year to feel my roots again and remember where I come from.

“Aigis” was the name of Zeus’ shield, crafted by Hephaestus with Almathea’s skin, the mythical goat of antiquity whose milk raised the Olympian God of hospitality. Aigis Suites has that sacred spirit.

Lisa’s family comes from Kea, which is why she moved back to the island in 1995 with her husband for the summer and opened a local seasonal business. She’s an interior designer. The architect Christos Vlachos helped Lisa & Takis to build their dream but he wasn’t the only one. Alekos Fassianos, whom I consider one of the greatest Greek artists, became the godfather of this project, suggested the name and painted the effigy of Aigis which was conceived as a symbol of Greek hospitality, a subtle balance between simplicity and a certain conception of luxury.
During my (too short) trip, Lisa told me that they have organised over hundred weddings at Aigis. This year, 5 couples will get married in this boutique hotel and I totally understand the reason why: this place was built with love and love is all around.
Aigis Suites is a family business; it could not be otherwise. Family is sacred too in my home country. 9 suites compose this architectural symphony: from Kima (wave) to Ouranos (sky), the time seems to stop. The staff is very attentive to whatever needs or wishes you may have, including the family and Caesar (the cutest dog ever). An exceptional breakfast combines know-how and local products, the cocktails are exquisite. An infinity pool with a stunning view makes the Aigis Suites an Eden… The beauty lies in the detail: wood and stone are the noble materials of this boutique hotel perched on a cliff. So I’ve decided that every year, summer will officially start right here…

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