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As soon as you arrive on the island of Kea, instead of turning right to go the house of Guita, “climb” to the heart of the island, in the picturesque village of Ioulis, the capital of the island. 


Perched at the very top of Ioulis

Perched at the very top, you will also meet Edgar Allan Poe, her dog. The cat is called Maurice, as elegant as Béjart. Moreover, everything is elegant at Mia’s home and she cultivates a cool attitude, no matter what.
If you are allergic, no worries, they will go elsewhere, without a trace.


A little over 90m2 (including 37m2 of interior space) is fitted out with smartness; the kitchen opened to a living room and a workspace, a bedroom, and a shower room.
The rhythm of your daily life? From dawn, book in hand, head to the “lounge” on the panoramic terrace. The village of Ioulis wakes up to the sound of church bells and cicadas. There is no time here, no timetable, no watch.

The picturesque houses are close to one another and change colors according to the inclination of the reflections of the sun.

You will stroll through Ioulis before diving into the Aegean Sea, a piece of watermelon in your hand.
And the coolest thing is that at Mia’s home when the night has come, you’ll meet the locals and the “habitués” of the village of Ioulis.

The moon will shine and the stars will appear making you very small and seeing very Big.

PS: Camille will show you ALL the available beaches and give you her best tips according to your tastes and desires, on spot.

From 80 euro / day
Min. 1 week