La 5e

The decoration and antique shop La 5e is a treasure of inventiveness and emotion. Located at the corner of rue des Etuves and Place de Grenus, the large shop windows set the scene.

Estelle orchestrates a multitude of objects, displayed here and there… some are old, some are playful, others are simply beautiful. The past communicates with the novelty in total harmony. Every weekend, the owner travels around Switzerland, looking for antiques. Dishes and delicate glassware from the late 18th century or a pharmacy jar from the early 20th: every discovery is brought back to the store and tells a story. Novelty comes from England, Sweden, Denmark or Holland: dizzying collection of beetles, Zurich designer cushions, postcards, fantastic ideas for children’s gifts, romantic furniture, the sobriety of a woman’s clothing underneath a crystal chandelier. Poetry is everywhere.

Imagine, says the owner, a decorative shop in this street in 1986; at the time, it was called the 5th Season. Oh but my dearest Estelle, I do not need to imagine because I still remember, holding my mum’s hand, closing my eyes in front of the cinema-that-must-not-be-named while heading to your fairy universe. Interesting contrast.

Today, La 5e awakens buried memories while looking towards the future of creation and design. For 1.50CHF, you can enjoy the lollipops of our childhood because Estelle always makes sure that every budget is met. Last time I dropped by, I couldn’t resist: a cloud was smiling at me. So I took it back home and put my keys in it so they do not fly away.

PS: La 5e is a Wonderland since Alice often comes with her sister Marie to help her mum (Big up for the instagram account @la5e_geneve).

Place de Grenus 2, 1201 Geneva
Tue to Fri 10.30am-6.30pm; Sat 11am-5pm 

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