La Comtesse

La Comtesse is one of the best bars in Geneva for champagne and cocktails, happily owned by Anaïs Leconte, 6th generation of champagne vine growers. 

In a subdued atmosphere, lined with white marble and wood, La Comtesse (i.e. The Countess) welcomes me. From 5pm onwards (and 6pm on Saturday), Cassandra is behind the bar and prepares signature cocktails to die for. “La rose à la lèvre” (i.e. A rose on your lips) is a cocktail served with homemade syrup (and brandy made in Switzerland) to magnify the champagne. Brut or rosé, the champagne bar is converted into a single-brand shop from Tuesday to Saturday from 2pm onwards. À la carte, count 30Chf for a bottle of Champagne brut and 35Chf for a bottle of Champagne rosé. The name of the brand is: La Comtesse A. 

Anaïs wanted to promote her native region and perpetuate a family know-how. In 2013 she created her own Champagne brand on the vineyard bequeathed by her grandmother. La Comtesse A (don’t confuse La Comtesse, the champagne bar and La Comtesse A, the brand of Champagne… you follow me?) was first sold in Paris before being available in Geneva.  

If your friends or guests don’t appreciate champagne as much as you do, worry not, La Comtesse has many tricks in her pocket. 

Photography © Tania Mayán
Rue de la Scie 2, 1207 Geneva
Champagne & Cocktails bar: Tue & Wed 5-11pm; Thu & Fri 5pm-midnight; Sat 6pm-midnight
La Comtesse A boutique: Tue to Sat from 2pm (you may also purchase La Comtesse A champagne online)

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