The Local Jar

If play on words were easy to translate, this article would be pretty straight forward. Bocal Local literally means “local jar”, but we’re missing out on something for sure. You can either learn French or we can do our best to describe and convey the spirit of this place, all in English. Challenge accepted, let’s go for option 2. 

Bocal Local is a concept created by two women who truly believe in what they do. Our first contact with what they do was the products they sell in their grocery store. We then learned that it goes beyond, but we’d like to share with you what we have experienced. All products sold there are natural, healthy and mostly coming from places near Geneva. You can buy them by filling in your own jar or one that you can buy there. This is what we call killing two birds with one stone: grocery shopping being mindful of the environment all at the same time. The aim is not to turn ourselves into fully accomplished eco-citizens, but simply try something different from the usual Coop or Migros.

You enter a shop where jars are placed on wooden tables and follow the very simple instructions:

  1. Come with your jar or buy one there
  2. Fill in the jar with the wanted product
  3. Weight the jar and pay!

It’s quite playful and doesn’t necessarily give you the impression that you’re actually running errands. It’s also a nice way to discover something different, like apple vinegar or spelled quinoa. And a least you know the origin of what’s going in your body. 

Photography © Margaux Mudde
Rue de Lissignol 10, 1201 Geneva
Mon & Tue 3pm-7pm, Wed Thu & Fri 11am-7pm, Sat 10am-5pm

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