The art of confetti

From 27 February to 30 March 2014, the Cité du Temps is celebrating the union of collage and portraiture – and confetti is definitely allowed. French artist Ced Vernay invites you to “meet” an impressive list of celebrities via portraits created by the precise positioning of countless small discs of paper cut from magazines. The arts, international politics and everyday life feature in the “big pictures” that the artist’s confetti contributes to with the accuracy familiar to fine watchmaking. Woody Allen rubs shoulders with Damien Hirst and Aung San Suu Kyi with Mao in the artist’s first exhibition on Swiss soil. An infectious grin shapes the lips of President Obama, while bright red, “paper” lipstick outlines those of charismatic Maria Callas. On display is a selection of original collages and various limited edition C-prints. In each genre a strategic approach to detail flourishes and makes every work a fascinating combination of art and perceived reality.

Ced Vernay was born in Saint-Etienne in France, today calls Marseille his home and spent over a decade in Rio de Janeiro – yet it is the pixel that marks the centre of his universe. This can be as an ingredient of his acrylic paintings, in graphics or even made of paper as a single piece of confetti belonging to a collage. He studied at the Ecole Emile Cohl in Lyon and the North West Community College in the USA and has exhibited widely in France, as well as in Brazil and Argentina.
They say that paper has more patience than people – this exhibition invites you to consider that belief from a fascinating new angle. And if you wish to meet Ced Vernay in person to gain further insights, he will be present on the 27 and 28 February, as well as on the 1, 2, 29 and 30 March.

Photography © Ced Vernay

Free admission

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