Le jardin du Kraken

You can enter this small bar that has a strong character from the back room of the famous Kraken bar. It opened a year ago. Hidden behind a black door that looks like an Indian closet (in other words from the rue des Maraichers but it’s less exhilarating to say so), this place used to be Manu The Cook’s “home”.
Abandoned for several months in the hands of a mystical owner, (as mystical as its concept, half way between an art gallery and the store of a fortune teller), it took more than a trick of cards to reopen the bar. Finally, the owners of the Kraken turned it into an elegant speakeasy, where it is frequented by people over 30 years old, expats and other cocktail aficionados. Here, we get tipsy, we talk and it is not uncommon, when the carriage turns into a pumpkin, to find a few very “enthusiastic” clients between two stools.
In a blink of an eye, one leaves the velvet rococo of the Kraken bar for a more ethnic and green decor. A subdued atmosphere that combines apothecaries’ bottles, African masks, Moroccan lamps, Berber cushions, and like any self-respecting garden, plants that even grow on the walls of the toilets!
The place was created like a gin bar, where you can find bottles of Blurry Moon, Draft Brothers or Deux Frères on the shelves, between home-brewed spirits and rum jars. The cocktail menu is contemporary and sophisticated that takes you away from the conventional recipes and allows you to travel to unexplored flavours. Food wise, nothing original except the Kraken tapas or the Etabli flatbreads. Both still taste really good. Anyway, as we say, eating is cheating!

In addition, instead of a terrace, the Jardin (i.e. garden) has a charming little patio that should shortly be accessible. Good to know even when it is still difficult to believe that the sunny days are approaching.

Rue des Maraîchers 48, 1205 Geneva
Thu & Fri 6pm-1am; Sat 9pm-2am 

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