Le plaisir des saveurs

Le plaisir des saveurs

3 evenings per month, the chef Mickaël Brun welcomes you to a table d’hôte in his culinary laboratory in Plainpalais. If you like surprises, I highly recommend that you bring your friends or family to the Plaisir des Saveurs… i.e. to the pleasure of flavours.

Le Labo can accommodate up to 10 foodies, eager for surprises. Any allergies or food intolerances must be communicated to the chef beforehand.
The menu is Big enough for a king’s banquet. Are you ready to be the queen or king of the night?

It all starts with a sketch drawn in the Labo’s catelles: the artist imagines the visual rendering of each of his dishes. Supported by his wife Annabelle, the chef Mickaël Brun favours tailor-made, while leaving room for his creativity, that became famous over the years.

In 2006, Mickaël launched the catering department of the Ecole Hôtelière de Genève and devoted ten years of his life to his students and loyal customers. That’s when I first met him. Highly conscientious and talented students were part of his team and the few events we did together in Geneva were a total success. In 2015, he decided to become his own boss.

The Plaisir des Saveurs while being an excellent caterer also offers cooking classes for amateurs and professionals. The chef always liked to share his know-how.

But let’s go back to the menu, shall we? Seasonal products, always and without exception, unusual food experiences, 10 culinary paintings follow one another, punctuated by the chef’s explanations. Le Labo, table d’hôte, is Mickaël Brun’s very own playground where the concept of sharing guides his way of cooking.

Expect a few strands of craziness: a playful and surprising appetiser, a vegetarian starter with different textures and cooking methods, a main fish, a magnificent piece of meat, freshly ground coffee before a last dive into a sweet taste. All your senses will be awakened in an intimate atmosphere.

Wine? You can bring your own, without corkage. The opportunity perhaps to unveil a grand cru? And if your personal wine cellar is empty (or nonexistent), chef Mickaël Brun works closely with Axel Votre Sommelier: each dish, each painting to use the expression of the chef, will be accompanied by a glass of wine, carefully chosen, according to the food.

So, who wants to be a king or queen in My Big Geneva?

Rue de l’Aubépine 8, 1205 Geneva
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