Le Rameau d’Or bookstore

Old landmark of the publisher Vladimir Dimitrijevic, it is Yann Courtiau and his team who today inspire the ancestral shelving of the Rameau d’Or, a bookshop located on Boulevard Georges-Favon 17. In this timeless shop, in the middle of all kinds of posters, oriental detective novels and western novels are stacked from the carpet to the crystal ceiling. There is Swiss and French literature, of course, but also Slavic, Anglo-Saxon, and Persian, etc., the great classics, bestsellers, and especially magnificent editions such as Noir sur Blanc, Sillage, or Editions de Minuit. The book, an object of freedom and beauty, reclaims its nobility.
Unlike the big brands, the policy of the place is not to sell in large quantities, but rather to propose a selection that has no other restriction than literary quality, and promoting niche editions and more confidential authors. In addition to their informed advice, the librarians write small hand-written cards, to help the most undecided to choose. They are true enthusiasts who share with generosity their latest discoveries. It was in this way, after Dostoyevsky’s The Dream of a Ridiculous Man, that I found myself on Monday afternoon reading the first work of the author Gregory Cingal, Ma nuit entre tes cils (My Night Between Your Lashes). The portrait of a lost loved one, devoured in a few hours. A gem.
Throughout the year, the Rameau d’Or organizes literary events, free entry. The next one will take pace on Tuesday September 5th at 18:30, at the bookshop. On the occasion of the publication of his new novel Taba-Taba, Patrick Deville will meet with Swiss writer and publisher Matthieu Mégevand. No more reasons to say that nothing ever happens in Geneva! So if you ever go by boulevard Georges-Favon, open door number 17, pick a book, sit on the green leather chair, and enjoy time. Read a few lignes.
It is an unforgettable place.

Photography © Julien Herger
Boulevard Georges-Favon 17, 1204 Geneva
Mon to Fri 9.30am-6.30pm; Sat 9.30am-5.30pm 

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