Up in the tree!

When they moved back to Switzerland after having spent two years in Hong-Kong, Ms. & M. Goumoëns decided to build a dream of their own. In order to spend more time with their children, they decided to open a B&B in the village of Ogens (Gros-de-Vaud). So far, so good.

But hang in there for just one more second: you may think about the usual B&B with your two feet on the ground but that’s not what Ms. & M. Goumoëns had in mind. They built a couple of wooden huts on a tree. It took them two years of hard work and “Marie’s huts” (i.e. Les Cabanes de Marie) have now been available to guests for over a year.

Each hut was named after Ms. & M. Goumoëns’ children: Mathis’ hut was built on an ash tree, 3 meters from the floor; Camille’s hut is a tribute to the family’s years in Hong-Kong and therefore has an Asian design; Alanis’ hut is on the ground and looks like a little comfy chalet and finally, Mila’s wooden caravan was designed by an artist under the theme: “Vice and Versailles”, and apparently, lot’s of princesses pick the caravan.
Ms. & M. Goumoëns also thought of some little extras for you during your stay in case of a romantic week-end or a birthday event. And they also thought of some big extras during your stay such as the sauna…etc.

Ch. du Petit Bâle 12, 1045 Ogens
Price: from 185.- / night with breakfast for Mila’s caravan; from 200.- / night with breakfast for a hut

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