Les Fleurs de Frida

Les Fleurs de Frida (the Flowers of Frida, a tribute to Frida Kahlo) is a boutique located in the district des Bains in Geneva where poetry takes the form of a candle, a photophore, a photo frame… or many little pleasures that are decorating an intimate and beautiful shop. The gardens bloom on page marks, Anne’s jewels appeal to our romantic side while those of Julie Barrier make us look fabulous with flowery headdresses or chignon peaks. Velvet bags with colours such as taupe, golden yellow or green as well as tote bags are designed and made by Les Fleurs de Frida; the designer also paints on postcards that are displayed in the stationery corner of the boutique full of little wonders. The brand Jazu makes our ears, writs and décolleté shimmer. On your finger, a ring by Hindi Bazaar…
Recurring motifs complete the decor such as Japanese themes, Art Nouveau and Baroque. At the back of the boutique, you will find the designers of Les Fleurs De Frida in a workshop, looking for inspiration.
My mother took me there a few days ago… and mums always have good taste right?

Boulevard de St-Georges 52, 1205 Geneva
Mon 2-6.30pm; Tue to Fri 10am-6.30pm; Sat 11am-5.30pm

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