Luc Langevin’s new magic show!

Luc Langevin, an illusionist and scientist from Canada, will perform his new Big show “Maintenant Demain” [“Now Tomorrow”] on Sunday, April 14th at the Theatre du Leman in Geneva. This is the very first time he is paying us a visit, so forget the rabbits coming out of a hat, even though Easter is around the corner, and get ready for a fabulous journey where science meets poetry, illusion and magic!

Both illusionists and scientists share the same needs, i.e. “understanding secrets!”  And Luc Langevin knows what he’s talking about: he graduated in engineering physics before starting his PhD in biophotonics, and while he was studying for his PhD, a producer discovered him during a casting. Luc Langevin was already an illusionist for quite some time and that’s how the success story began: his own TV Series, a first show that he financed by himself, the Casino de Paris in 2016…. and finally Geneva in 2019. 

His performances invite you into a world of mathematics, physics and optics where intelligence and audacity merge. His inspiration: Jules Verne… Luca Langevin is not a superhero; the only power he has is to make his audience dream. 

Photography © Maxime-He╠übert
Sunday, April 14th @ 6pm (doors open at 5pm)
Théâtre du Léman, Quai du Mont-Blanc 19, 1201 Geneva
Price: from 67CHF

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