Luma Delikatessen

Lucas Oechslin and Marco Tessaro are the founders of the online butcher shop LUMA Delikatessen. They invented a patented process that allows meat to be refined through a natural micro-organism. In 2012, LUMA won the innovation prize from Schaffhauser Platzbanken and in 2015 the “Swiss Economic Award”.


YOUR ONLINE BUTCHER (everywhere in Switzerland)

The secret of LUMA Delikatessen is based on the combination of a traditional slow maturation on the bone and a maturation obtained through a special micro-organism.

LUMA beef, for example, matures up to 56 days on the bone using a natural microorganism. The meat is selected depending on several strict criteria according to the supplier or the breeding: age (between 14 and 30 months), percentage of fat, (marbling), etc.
You may select your meat according to its origin: Switzerland, Spain, Italy, Ireland, United States, Australia, and Japan.

Veal and pork, on the other hand, mature up to 28 days. Poultry, game, and lamb are also available.

To choose between tenderloin, chops, brisket, rack and so many other pieces, LUMA not only advises you online but also offers you recipes and cooking methods.


If you are not a carnivore, LUMA also offers a small range of seafood, from sustainable fishing or from controlled and certified suppliers: white prawns from Vietnam (for your Ebi sushi) or noble salmon from the farm of Loch Kanaird in North West Scotland

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Minimum order 80.-CHF
Frozen products are delivered in polystyrene boxes.

Delivery throughout Switzerland.