Mafalda Tavola Calda

To tell you the truth, I am stuck in Geneva for the entire summer. No holidays planned and time seems to have stopped. As I slowly walk under the suffocating heat, I look down at a seashell which somehow doesn’t fit the surroundings. My curiosity attracts me to the seashell like a magnet, I look inside only to see a Big pearl waiting for me, patiently.
Her name? Mafalada.
Where does she live? In a narrow street, which used to be totally empty a few years ago. A street which has always attracted me. The rue des Etuves.

Close to Bel-Air, the Sicilian family Aiello has settled here last May and had the idea of helping us travel by opening a bakery and a delicatessen. You will hear people talking in Italian while being offered take away pizza, home-made sandwiches ciambelle and full-bodied espressos. Trust me, I’ve tried everything.
The delicacies are presented in a charming atmosphere. The designer lamps will seduce you and for those of you whose legs are tired, two tables are waiting for you upstairs. Everything is practically home-made, some products however do come from Italy and can be bought.

At this stage, I’d like to challenge you to walk by and look at the Gelato without stepping inside.
My first bite of the Ciambelle which I ordered quite fast took me back to my Tuscany vacation with all the flavour that goes with it.
And last but not least, may I suggest you ask Damiano to tell you the story of the delicatessen while Geneva is taking a nap.
A small piece of Paradise. For those of you who are staying here.

Rue des Etuves 7, 1201 Geneva
Mon to Fri 7am-7pm; Sat 7am-6pm

Price: $

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