Mamco “One More Time”

Since October 2015 all the way to 24th of January 2016, MAMCO (Contemporary Art Museum of Geneva) has opened its doors to replay an exhibit of the last 20 years titled One More Time. The exhibit extends over four floors.
Starting from top to bottom, the fourth floor contains very graphic and explicit imagery. As you walk through the floor, very dark and shocking pieces align the walls depicting raw art with the theme called “La Vie dans les plis” by Henri Michaux.
The third floor is represented by a theme behind the word “Echo” which refers to resonance and repercussions. This floor is a replica that includes pieces of Marcel Duchamp, which were included in an exhibition by John Cage produced in Los Angeles in 1993. The concept of this floor is based on a random computer programing that controlled the lay out of the pieces, which are exhibited and are constantly changing. A monographic exhibition of Siah Armajani is also available in three rooms on the third floor. Some art pieces are spanning nearly 9 meters in length, consisting of various pieces of fabric sewn together.

On the lower floors, visitors discover different representations with the theme “2 or 3 things I know about her” which is displayed in a neo-geo movement. It is an expression and dialogue of different abstract pieces by collective artists such as the reinterpretation of Moulinsart Francis Baudevin and David Claerbout’s picture sequence among many others.

If you are not going up to the mountains and need a change of environment with a new perspective, be sure to check out the current MAMCO exhibition which is only on for a few more days. Admissions are 8 CHF for adults and half price for students and children.

Until the 24th of January 
Rue des Vieux-Grenadiers 10, 1205 Geneva

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