Vallée de Saas-Fee, My Big Geneva

Sunday on Earth. The call of the Saas-Fee valley to the rhythm of Sofiane Pamart’s piano. Heading towards the largest earth dam in Europe, the Mattmark Dam.


Tragedy & Innovation

Holding back the waters of the Allalin Glacier to form a vast reservoir, the Mattmark Dam is a marvel of engineering. It plays a crucial role in producing low-cost hydroelectric power for the region. However, this feat cost the lives of immigrant workers in 1965 due to a landslide. Today, it symbolizes human resilience and innovation in the face of nature. A thought goes to René Descartes and his Discourse on the Method, which sees humans as both proprietors and stewards.

Wild & Romantic

Sofiane Pamart is a virtuoso who expertly blends classical piano techniques with modern influences. His collaborations with French rap artists have brought sophistication to the genre. But it is in his solo work that he truly shines, like the sun over the Saas-Fee valley. His album “Planet,” released in 2019, oscillates between melancholy and grandeur, fostering introspection.

Change & Acceptance

From the top of the dam, change is both visible and invisible, manifesting through the seasons, life cycles, and geological processes. Ecosystems evolve, species adapt (thank you, Darwin) or disappear, and landscapes transform.


Isn’t the acceptance of change essential to understanding our place in the world? And isn’t accepting our contradictions a recognition that we are beings in perpetual evolution?