“Inspire, get lost, dream and shine”

Flashback: on November 2012, the 8th to be precise, I was curating an exhibition. The title of the exhibition was Shame & Vulnerability by the artist Mauren Brodbeck. The weather was dreadful since we were in November and in Geneva; I knew the sun would come out only a few months later as usual. The rue des Bains looked so depressing. There was not a soul out there. It started raining in the morning, the city was covered by a veil of mist; to cut the story short, it was one of those days where I wish I was anywhere but in Geneva.
But at the No 50 of the rue des Bains, where the exhibition was going to take place, a rainbow appeared inside the gallery. The hanging had been done the day before and the artworks were ready to welcome people who would later on rushed to the opening to listen to what Mauren Brodbeck had to say.

The language of shapes and colours that the artist explores in the inner depths of the mind should be considered as the proper expression of our human nature. Hidden faces, portraits of our most fragile emotions, her work of arts returns to the fundamentals of visual experience, somewhere in between figurative and fabula, searching for the truth.
This was not the first time that she expressed herself through her art. She had already exhibited in Berlin, LA, Vienna, Chamonix, Arles, etc. Which shows how universal is her language. And I was so honoured she had picked me to curate her new exhibition.

Between 2004 and 2014, Mauren Brodbeck had a lot to say so all of her photographic works have just been published in her very first book by the Italian art publisher Drago Publishing (which you can buy online by the way). And for those of you who missed that opportunity on November 2012 to talk to the artist, you will soon be able to make up for the time lost on January 22nd @ 6pm at the Auer photo foundation. The artist will present to you Barenaked, her last solo exhibition and performance as well as her book. You will meet the “colour” because Mauren told me that colour “says it all: secrets, hurts, dreams, love, life, you, me, us”.

From January 22nd to March 1st
Opening on January 22nd @ 6pm (free entrance)
Rue du Couchant 10, 1248 Hermance
Upon appointment only

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