Max Vermilye, your stylist @ home!

Looking to update your wardrobe or simply for style inspiration? Maximilian Vermilye is just the person you need! With two Fashion degrees in his pocket, he is here to make you rediscover your style, colours and clothes you thought you’d never wear again.


Maximilian proudly carries two degrees, one in Men’s Styling from Conde Nast College of Fashion and Design and one in General Fashion Styling from London College of Style. He quickly acquires his own masculine clientele to transform them into true gentlemen (we’re talking looks; character-wise, Maximilian will not be able to help).

Improvising is part Maximilian‘s talent and he adapts to the collections in store, because as Coco Chanel said ”fashion becomes out of date, but style never”. Trendy pieces to suit your unique style, he will go so far as to find the golden gem for you. Following his studies, he works backstage at London fashion week as a dresser; he also manages photoshoots on his own. Most of us don’t realize the work that goes behind a photoshoot, but Maximilian does! Implementing, planning & styling!


With a bundle of talents, Maximilian chooses Daniel Johnson as his mentor; he teaches him about a range of styles, how to work with color, and different morphologies. Ready to venture out on his own, Maximilian created his own fashion styling business in London. He quickly expands his international clientele to whom he now proposes two services: personal styling and wardrobe consulting.

What is the difference you may ask? For the personal styling sessions, Maximilian takes you out for an afternoon of shopping, where he will look at your preferences and style. At the end of the day, you go back home with a few ready to go looks. Wardrobe consulting is the second service he has to offer and this one consists of going to the client’s home, going through their wardrobe with them, and sort out their clothes – suggestions on what can stay and what would be better off in someone else’s closet. Once this process is done, ”Max” suggests new pieces to buy that he believes would complete the client’s wardrobe. Last but not least, he will make sure to leave you a ready to go look to get you started with your updated wardrobe.

Maximilian Vermilye is kindly offering his services to Hack Your Style as a prize which you can purchase during the month of October. Part of the funds will help young designers in Geneva as well as bring awareness to sustainable fashion and luxury.

P.S: Maximilian has great style and Vogue Mexico can vouch for that! He was photographed during London Fashion Week and later published in Vogue Mexico as an inspiration for men on how to style and color coordinate a suit and tie.

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