Dunia Shop

In 1991, two childhood friends created the concept of interior design Dunia. Five letters, which in Sanskrit mean “the world”, represent their own world imported from Southeast Asia: ancient and contemporary furniture. You must, however, be a follower of the Zen attitude. Fine materials, clean lines , decorative items and gift ideas are also the inhabitants of this former factory from the 30’s. It is located a few steps from Geneva’s city centre , just above the Eaux- Vives. The store is 400m2 and keeps no stock: everything you see can be purchased immediately and delivered to your home. The world is growing, as is Dunia, closely following current trends and the desires of its loyal customers. You can expect new arrivals every two to three months … always for the sake of Geneva’s exclusivity, originality, respect for materials and clean lines. Dunia, finally, after more than twenty years, has become a source of inspiration in perpetual movement, proof that know-how never gets old. PS: Dunia is also a concept for tailor-made furniture for the most demanding of customers.

Chemin Frank-Thomas 12, 1208 Geneva
Mon to Fri 10am-6.30pm; Sat 10am-5pm 

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