Movember 2015 in Geneva

In a small bar in Melbourne, Australia 2003, two friends, Travis Garone and Luke Slattery found themselves discussing how moustaches were no longer in fashion which sparked the idea of Movember. They were on the mission to bring the moustaches back. They both in turn found 30 guys who wanted to take up the challenge and grow a moustache for a month. The challenge was replicated, and by 2004, Movember helped the funding of 6 Men’s Health Projects in Australia. By the first year, they had over 480 Mo Bros; their project was on the road to making a difference.

By the end of 2014, 4.7 Million Mo bros and Mo Sistas raised over 650 Million dollars in 21 different countries. They were involved in 800 projects focusing on prostate cancer, testicular cancer, poor mental health and physical inactivity. Today, Movember is the largest men’s health movement worldwide.

Looking for the perfect time to make a difference? Your time is this Movember. Jump on the bandwagon. Throw away your raiser and grow a beautiful moustache. For our Mo Sistas, get your groove on and get movin’.

How to get involved?
Movember starts on the 1st of November where both Mo Bros and Mo Sistas can participate. Men clean shave on day one and grow their moustaches for a month, while the women make a commitment to get active and move. It may be running, biking, walking, even for only 30 minutes a day for one month. Once you have signed up at http://ch.movember.com, get you friends, colleagues and family to donate for your efforts and participate in changing the face of men’s health.

If you do not feel like doing it by yourself you can create a team and fund raise together. You are more than welcome to join the My Big Geneva team. Find us and get involved!

Movember Kick-off events in Switzerland
Kick-Off Geneva
Where: Nébuleuse Popup Bar Rue de la Corraterie 14, 1204 Genève
When: 1.11.2015 from 13:00-18:00
Kick-Off Lausanne:
Where: The Great Escape, Rue Madeleine 18, 1003 Lausanne
When: 1.11.2015 from 13:00-18:00
Kick-Off Zurich:
Where: The Brisket, Pfingstweidstrasse 6, 8005 Zürich
When: 1.11.2015 from 13:00-18:00
Kick-Off Basel:
Where: Markthalle Basel, Viaduktstrasse 10, 4051 Basel
When: 1.11.2015 from 13:00-18:00

RSVP on this site for all locations: switzerland@movember.com

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