Mr. Pickwick

Mr. Pickwick – the largest and the oldest English sports pub of Switzerland, and also home to both our expat and local community.
You can always count on a variety of entertaining activities throughout the week—including Quiz nights on Mondays, live bands, Improv comedy, and the much anticipated “Fight of the Century” on May 3rd, 2015 at 4am –Many Pacquiao vs. Floyd Mayweather.
While Pickwick’s will quench your thirst for its variety of tasty beers, the food is a treat in itself! So treat yourself to a double delight and drink your tasty brew whilst enjoying an authentic British pub food dining experience!

Pickwick’s culinary management has recently undergone a revamp with the introduction of a vibrant, young chef—John Griffin. He has masterfully created and modified the menu with homemade, fresh and healthier options. There are 20 different burgers and sandwiches, like the Hawaiian Burger or the Quinoa and Bean Veggie burger with Chipotle Goat cheese. And there’s even more to his exciting menu! I highly recommend his signature dishes like the Pulled-Pork, Chili Con Carne with a blend of 4 different kinds of chili peppers, and three iterations of Nachos.

If you haven’t visited it yet, make sure to pop by at least once and check it out for yourself.

Rue de Lausanne 80, 1201 Geneva
Lun à dim 11h-2h
Budget: $

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