Quiz Your Blues Away

Quiz Your Blues Away

It’s always a little embarrassing when you live somewhere for 26 36 years and it’s your new friend Michelle, who arrived three weeks ago, that takes you to discover the unknown “quiz pub”. I don’t know about you, but I tried to escape as fast as I could. Let me add that my friend Michelle isn’t an expert on good local tips. Allow me to give you an example: the Peruvian restaurant she recommended us, where we spent 3 hours – including an hour of waiting and drinking cocktails between the starters and the main course. Once the bill came with our complaints, the owner told us that the “little” delay happened because we went out to smoke between the courses (courses that were served lukewarm between us). This Peruvian restaurant cost us a fortune and the owner nearly lost his teeth (my girlfriend Elodie has a very effective nudge technique). Thank you Michelle. 

It’s Monday night … Excuse me? Do you have something to do on Monday night? I mean something that does not involve at one point or another sucking half a box of Prozac? I thought so… One alternative to Prozac could be a good Fish n ‘Chips at Mr. Pickwick’s pub. It’s good for your cholesterol … and your neurones. In addition to the omegas 3 – which heal everything and bring peace to the world – Mr. Pickwick’s “quiz” might interest you as well.

At first, they are nice. They present you with a series of easy questions, like “who is the director of the Titanic”? Call that general culture, and you will feel like a God. Then without you expecting it, they roll you up. Elodie’s nudge, compared to the series of ten questions on Interpol, is a caress (given that you actually do caress your teeth …) The quiz lets you catch your breath again: Which TV series of the 80s is inspired by Steve McQueen’s latest film, Widows? It’s like the colour of Henri IV’s white horse, the answer is Widows.

It would not have helped you answer the question, but it’s a movie you really should go see. My girlfriend Elodie does not play in it, but in terms of “bad-ass women” you’ll be fully satisfied. The movie is about life changes and tells the story of four women with nothing in common except a debt left behind by their dead husbands’ criminal activities. Steve McQueen shows us the shabby corruption between neighbours, the racial and feminism issues. He filmed Chicago dismantled by the community struggles and Viola Davies, who, as terrified as determined, went to recruit three other women on the brink to recover 40kg in cuts of $ 100. 

It’s much between that Prozac for your next Monday evening and don’t forget, there is always the “pub quiz” Mr. Pickwick.

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