Experience the artwork until June 16th

Immersive art is a fascinating realm where technology meets creativity to give birth to works that transcend the traditional boundaries of art.


Contemporary immersive art pushes the boundaries of artistic expression by integrating interactive, multimedia, and often technological elements to create fully enveloping environments. These installations invite us to enter a parallel universe where visual, auditory, and sometimes even tactile sensations merge to create a holistic experience.

One of the pioneers of this innovative art is the Japanese collective teamLab, whose monumental installations transport us into fantastical worlds where nature, light, and movement combine to create breathtaking living paintings. Their works, such as “Borderless” in Tokyo or “Planets” in Paris, defy art conventions by inviting us to become an integral part of the artwork itself.


Journey to the Frontiers of Contemporary Immersive Art

Now, let’s return to the cultural gem that is the Pully Museum and its current exhibition. Among the Swiss and international guests are: Delphine Abrecht, Barbezat-Villetard, Beni Bischof, Mélanie Courtinat, Leandro Erlich, Jan Kounen, Lang/Baumann, Augustin Rebetez, Maya Rochat, Camille Scherrer, and Byungseo Yoo.

They have all come together to offer a journey to the frontiers of contemporary immersive art. Whether you are a seasoned art enthusiast or simply curious to discover new artistic expressions, the Pully Museum promises an unforgettable cultural experience for all who walk through its doors.

So, let yourself be inspired by the creativity and beauty that reign within, and embark on a discovery of art in all its forms.


© Mélanie Courtinat, The Siren, 2024, jeu vidéo, durée variable. Courtoisie de l’artiste, Musée d’art de Pullly

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