My Skiathos Villa, My Big Geneva

The founders of My Skiathos Villa are owners of second homes on the island of Skiathos, in the Sporades archipelago (since Mama Mia, everyone knows this archipelago, of course). The villas selected by My Skiathos Villa adapt to your budget and come with a multitude of tailor-made services.

The island of Skiathos

During the Ottoman period, the island of Skiathos belonged to Capitan Pasha, grand admiral of the empire’s fleet, hence the quality of certain areas of the islands. But it is above all the native island of Alexander Papadiamantis, considered the founder of modern literature in Greece.
Renowned for its beaches, you’ll need a boat to reach Lalaria, in order to admire the turquoise Aegean Sea and the dazzling white cliffs.

Don’t venture blind into the island’s taverns and restaurants. My Skiathos Villa will be happy to share, for free, its foodie tips.


Your Villa in Skiathos

About twenty properties on the island of Skiathos have been selected by My Skiathos Villa and adapt to your budget. Villa Anemoessa is available from 210 euro/day for 4 people.
The Villa Natika is almost the same price, except for an additional 0 at the end. It can accommodate 12 people and has its own outdoor cinema. They say in French when you love, you don’t count.


Make your choice according to your budget, before flying off to beaches with fine sand, century-old and fruit trees, wildflowers, fragrant maquis… and thousands of birds that gather at Lake Strofilia in a unique biotope.

As usual, mention MBG to get a friendly price.