Take a seat

Natacha de Santignac will reveal herself at the Square Pop-up Store during the first week of November in Geneva. For her first solo exhibition, she decided to surprise you. The time of a few glances, she invites you to slow down the course of your time. Allow yourself to be caught by a detail, the superposition of layers of color or take a seat – what am I saying, seats, to sit and let your eye be drawn to something else.
Natacha spends her life between two flights. She is a blogger, and also a journalist and photographer, insatiably curious, bubbly and communicative. At age 20, she trains her eye, thanks to a friend photographer who teaches her to observe. Later, she chooses photography as a means of expression in addition to writing, which she does with skill. It is an entire world that she stages, where the ordinary becomes interesting, even intriguing. The regular rediscovers himself through a detail which you only sparsely paid attention to until now. Colors, a few lines, rubbed matter, and she captures the moment to reveal a touch of beauty. A poetic universe, vibrating, rich in feeling, which she transmits through her images.
Today she chooses to confront the vision of the other, for love of sharing and to enrich her approach thanks to the other’s perspective.
Where will this lover of life take us after the exhibition? Probably to a book. This is a woman to follow!

The Square / Pop Up Store
Rue du Diorama 2, 1204 Geneva
Vernissage Thursday, November 2nd,  from 6pm
Exhibition 2-5 November 2017
Fri and Sat 12am-8pm; Sun 1am-4pm

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