Nature en Vrac

Two passionate minds between carafes and candies…
In life, one often gets the chance to meet wonderful people. A decade ago, when Marcela from Colombia met Mariana from Mexico is a perfect example. They are both tea specialists and have a common love for travelling, for sharing and an appetite for good products. It all started with these common passions, which eventually became an idea that they turned into a business opportunity in October 2015 which they named Nature en Vrac (i.e. a bulk of nature). This delicatessen isn’t the usual one you come across in Big cities… Located in the district of the Grottes, the grocery store is a little green heaven: it is quaint, charming and soothing, like a beach on the gray asphalt. The shop offers a large variety of food, mostly from organic farming and fair events organized by small producers here and abroad. You will also find some fine spirits straight from the excellent distillery in Saconnex d’Arve, oil and vinegar, coffee (Mexican, Colombian, Kenyan and Guatemalan), cereals, fruit and vegetables, cosmetics, cleaning products and so on… all in bulk! The concept many not be new but it is a smart one. Marcela and Mariana being conscious about the environnement, decided to limit the waste from packaging. Forget the paper bags, open your cupboards and drawers, it is time to use those old jars of jam which you’ve forgotten for a long time somewhere in your basement and meet me at the Place des Grottes, the place to be. A pleasant introduction to the coming summer..

Place des Grottes 1, 1201 Geneva
Mon 2-7pm; Tue, Wed & Fri 9.30am-1pm/2.-7pm; Thu 9.39am-1pm/2.30-9pm; Sat 9-5pm 

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