A journey called nordah

Attracted by a beautiful and elegant bottle on the shelves of the Cinema Bio in Carouge, I inquired about its origin and ordered a bottle of absinthe on the internet. It was delivery with a quote from Nicolas Bouvier: “You think you are making a trip, but soon it is make you or unmaking you”. 

A sip of the absinthe took me to a mysterious journey at 10pm 52min 37s D -07 ° 34 ’47 ” (please brainstorm). The green fairy came along and once I was back on earth, I immediately wanted to know more. 

Three friends met for a passionate and exciting adventure in Geneva.
nordah implies the North (lowercase “n” for a perfect visual balance; my friends who are experts in typography understand why) and its geographical coordinates for a craft and local quality beverage produced by Juliette, Cédric and Romain since 2016. Absinthe, beer or soap have one thing in common: water. The nordah logo represents a drop of water inside an inverted triangle. The nordah adventure, inspired by the desire to travel to an imaginary land, took place outside their respective work, as an experiment. They first started to proceed absinthe for themselves and for their loved ones, until they won an award at the DistiSuisse contest in 2017/2018. Their absinthe was recognised for the quality of the herbs that tend to make you crazy (if you stay reasonable during your tasting, it will only make you happy and put you in a party mood). nordah is also a story of friends and family. The recipe is based on the original receipt of the grandfather who was a wine maker. The products are mixed at the grandmother’s house. The distillation of absinthe is made in the canton de Vaud for patent reasons.

Where to drink your nordah absinthe in Geneva?
You may taste it at Cinema Bio, the Nid, the Marchand de Sable, the Spoutnik bar of Usine, at the café Marcel, at the café Zinette and at the Bistroquet. But why not simply offer a nice bottle ordered on nordah.ch or let yourself be tempted for a beer (blonde, white, amber, porter typo or Indian Pale Ale…) or treat your skin with a natural soap (ylang-ylang, almond, lavender, beer or nettle?

You will love the trip!

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