N’vY Hotel

Vasarely over here, Pop Art over there. The New-York street art artist Meres One was appointed by the N’vY to draw the 6 murals inside the Tag’s Café. As for the three Big works of art in the entrance hall, these are the masterpieces of the artist Triny Prada (Venice Biennal).

The “arty, cosy, trendy” spirit of the N’vY hotel is the work of art from the architect Patrick Ribes; more than 5 months and a Big investment were necessary in order to transform the dying Epsom hotel into a trendy hotel. Some of us compare it to Starck’s Hudson hotel in New York: the only difference is that the N’vY has decent sized rooms and not broom closets to welcome tourists for a visit. 153 rooms are available and they are all connected: internet is free (which is quite rare in our city), digital tablets are available to any guest, multimedia plugs, etc.

But the N’vY hotel wasn’t only built for our trendy tourists; it offers three social and cosy atmospheres for the locals: starting with the Tag’s Cafe which becomes a wine bar after 6pm, the N’vY bar reminds us of the west coast houses and the Cafe also serves food at any time. Every last Thursday of the month, the N’vY bar organises an afterwork from 6pm onwards. And last but not least the Tribly restaurant.
Do you N’vY us? Yeah, you should… lol.

From 160.- per room / per night
Rue Richemont 18, 1202 Geneva

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