Open Bar, livraison de champagne en Suisse

Open your browser, tonight it’s Open Bar! You are just a few clicks away to find the bubbles that suit your taste and your requirements because Open Bar offers the largest selection of champagnes in Switzerland.

Whatever the occasion is – a new wave of a global pandemic, a declaration of friendship, a movie night with Cinefile – Open Bar delivers between 1 and 4 working days. 

Wikipedia told us that during the 7th century, princely, ecclesiastical, and monastic viticulture was developed in Champagne, in France. In 1670, a certain Dom Pérignon, a monk of the Abbey of Hautvillers, blended grapes from different vintages and grape varieties for the very first time. The legend also attributes the famous cork stopper to it, held by a hemp string impregnated with oil to keep the freshness and the foam. Other innovators including Nicolas Irénée Ruinart, who founded the first wine merchant in 1729, fuel the fabulous history of champagne.

Today, well in 2017 to be precise, the Champagne region produces 1,366 billion bottles and the turnover of the champagne sector amounts to more than 4.9 billion euros.

And among its 1,366 billion bottles produced, some are, thanks to Open Bar, available to you. Deutz, Ruinart, Louis Roederer, Mumm, all you have to do is make a choice. 

Wines, spirits, and cigars can accompany your order, but please consume them in moderation.

PS: free delivery if you order for over 100.- CHF!!!!