Charles & Cie Pastry Shop

I guess it’s true what they say, when something new and exciting opens in town, the news travels really fast. In a span of one week, 3 friends came up to me and recommended that I check out the new pastry shop, which opened in the neighborhood. Amidst my busy schedule, and under one condition—I bring my partner in crime; I finally made my way to Charles & Cie.
Standing in front of the Charles’ & Cie pastry shop we found ourselves feeling as excited as two little girls playing on the streets when they hear that ice cream truck approaching from afar. Staring and admiring their carefully crafted tart dessert collection filled with different explosive colours, we did not lose another second picking out our favorite little treats.

As gourmand as we are, we decided to try not only their original bagels, but as well as 3 different varieties of desert tarts: White Chestnut tart, Grand-mother’s Apple Tart and Pistachio Grapefruit Tart. But there’s far more to their collection! We recommend for the more adventurous and exotic taste buds, the Mango-Coconut Tart, and for the more traditional palette, try the rich Chocolate & Pear Tart. It’s delicious!
Charles & Cie is not only about fine pastries it is also a delicatessen, providing exclusive local products from Switzerland. Their produce range from craft beers, Swiss wine, honey, risotto, pre-mixed cake maker, and by next week a new addition include gluten free products. Come by and check it out, you might just find that little treat that you will need to make your week.

Carrefour de rive 2, 1207 Geneva
Mon to Fri 10am-7pm; Sat 10am-4.30pm 

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