Peter Kammermann & the H Gallery

I cannot help myself. Even if I am in a hurry or worse, late, each time I pass by the windows of the Peter Kammermann workshop-show-room and the H Gallery, my boots stop walking as my eyes admire the works of art. Lovers of timeless design, sobriety and elegance, this is the place for enchantment and grandeur! The clock is ticking, I still haven’t moved: it’s so beautiful!

On the rue Saint Victor, the number 20 is Peter Kammerman’s workshop where you sometimes see him surrounded by marvellous window drapery, working patiently. “His reputation for fine detail, combined with a vast knowledge of textiles” brought him from Lucerne to Carouge in 1996; ever since, his reputation never stopped growing. In 2009, he opened an interior design showroom opposite his workshop, at the number 21 where he managed to combine classic and contemporary design. The furniture and accessories are displayed in such a manner that only harmony can be felt. And last but not least, the dream goes on with the H Gallery which used to be incorporated inside the showroom but is now a dedicated space and store window. Owned by the artist Valerie Hangel, the H Gallery has works of art which you can wear: jewellery, necklaces, bracelets and earnings (also available online). She uses traditional silks from Japan, Thailand, Laos, London and turns them into sensual textile art. The symbiosis between the three window stores is simply P-E-R-F-E-C-T.

I look at my watch and yet again, I have spent more than 10 minutes contemplating a world of true perfection and harmony. Let me go in, just for a few seconds…

Peter Kammermann Interior Design
Rue Saint Victor 20-21, 1227 Carouge
Tue to Fri 2-7pm; Sat 11am-4pm and upon appointment

Galerie H
Rue Saint Victor 21, 1227 Carouge
Tue & Wed 2-7pm; Thu & Fri 10am-7pm; Sat 11am-4pm 

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