Picnic Electronic

In a discreet part of town, located in the central Lancy, a small electronic picnic took place in an afternoon of full sun and smiles. Picnic Electronic by xifestival is based on a concept of collaborating with local Djs who are low key and passionate with music.
François Moncarey, a resident DJ and one of the creators of the event, likes to refer to this as underground and the “Grand Populaire” made for everyone.
People attending are encouraged to bring food and drinks, also on site, there is a barbecue and cocktails made available from 12 pm until 11 pm. The Djs start at 2pm. Last Saturday there was an average of 700- 1000 people enjoying the good times to the start of summer, all loving the beautiful rays.

François Moncarey explains that they started the event in consideration for families and kids and their friends who can spend a day out together listening to electronic music. Other attendants included colleagues meeting up for weekend drinks and the regular amigos who love to kick it. An added bonus during the day, the dome (12 meters high) has light projections inside for kids to observe while the parents dance the afternoon away in the sun.

People were listening to the new sounds of electronic chill-out vibes from collective on scene Djs including Jay Akadub (Minimal Chapêtre) and Franz Müller (Techno Love). As from 9 pm, the outdoor festivities come to an end and the white geodesic dome comes to life with impressive lights and sound. Gypsy style hanging lights are draped from tree to tree in all different colors giving a cozy outdoor summer evening vibe. This alfresco cheerful summer event is not one to miss. There are only a lucky few who will be able to attend the last two events on the dates of 14th of May and 21st of May. Don’t miss out!

For your information, the organizers of this event are also responsible for the Deviant Art Festival (DAF) at the Reliur in St. Jean. The Picnic electronic event was collaborated with Mysquare and cenc.ch

Saturdays, May 14th and 21st from 12am
Route de Grand Lancy 8, 1212 Geneva
Entrance fee 5.-

Pique-nique electro

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